FoundOcean is always looking for talented individuals who share the tenacity and precision required to build on the company’s outstanding global reputation.

FoundOcean Learning

FoundOcean is committed to increasing employees and contractor’s competence, knowledge and understanding throughout their careers. It has a dedicated training function which plans all courses and a learning strategy which uses the four stage training cycle to create bespoke training content and provide support in people development.

Experienced staff collaborate with the training function to write the technical equipment modules which are used to train new staff and refresh existing employees’ knowledge. The modules are presented in a blended learning format of e-Learning, classroom, practical demonstrations and scenarios. 

Apprenticeship Scheme

FoundOcean works with local colleges to support the FoundOcean Apprenticeship Scheme; an initiative which supports apprentices at varying levels of their career, and an important element in succession planning priorities for working towards building a sustainable business.

Education initiatives are also supported in the form of charterships, degree courses, short college courses and short duration external courses. Close relationships have been built with external training providers to ensure that the correct level of content is presented in each course.

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