Super Pan Mixer

Super Pan Mixer

The Super Pan Mixer is the latest to be developed by the FoundOcean in-house engineering department. The mixer is the first ultra-high strength mixer on the market to be able to mix ultra-high strength grout at rates in excess of 12m3 per hour.

This mixer is designed bring the mixing rate for ultra-high strength grouts nearer to the mixing rate of standard strength grouts (currently 6m3 and 25m3 per hour, respectively), and eliminate grouting as a potential bottleneck when mixing and pumping ultra-high strength grout offshore.

In has been shown that by using the new super pan mixer, grouting times per transition piece can be halved. With increasing project sizes this can amount to over a full day saved per project. By doing this a full day rate for a vessel can be saved as well as personnel day rates, reducing overall installation cost.

As with the standard pan mixer large bags of cement are lifted into the pans for mixing as high strength materials cannot be stored in silos. This is because the rocking motion on-board vessels can cause the component ingredients to segregate, which may lead to an inconsistent grout mix. Wind farm monopile foundations are typically designed to use ultra-high strength grouts.

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