Subsea Grout Connectors

Subsea Grout Connectors

FoundOcean’s unique Grout Connectors are specifically designed for underwater connection of grout lines. They were first developed for deep-sea structures in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 1980s to reduce the amount of fixed pipe work required on the structures. For over 30 years these connectors have been used worldwide in various water depths to reduce onshore fabrication costs and offshore installation costs by eliminating the need to install and remove temporary pipe work on subsea foundation structures. This system can be used for both platform and template installation. When used subsea, an ROV mates the male and female connectors during structural grouting of the foundation.

For Oil & Gas platforms, the male connector is mounted subsea to the jacket either in a manifold arrangement to provide a single location for connection or at the individual sleeves, and the female on the end of the grout hose. The ROV then couples the male and female connectors.

In Offshore Wind, the male grout connector is typically fabricated on the top-side turbine deck and is connected by our offshore personnel. This benefits the project’s timescales by enabling more rapid connection and disconnection of the hoses when moving between multiple foundations.

The connection has a designed working pressure of 65 bar (1000 psi) although the seal is rated to 100 bar (1470 psi). FoundOcean can give advice on connector location or provide complete design of the grouting system for a project.

FoundOcean's Subsea Male Grout Connectors can be supplied as a standalone product.