Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (2018)

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (2018)

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is operated and maintained from its base at Wick Harbour in the North East of Scotland. Given its vantage point in the North Sea the wind is constant and is the ideal place for a wind farm of this size.


Now fully operational, it has an installed capacity of up to 588MW, supplying enough clean, green energy to power over 450,000 homes.

Located in Moray Firth in the North Sea, 13km from the highest cliffs in Britain, the windfarm is a joint venture between Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Copenhagen Infrastructure and Red Rock Power Limited.


FoundOcean managed the onshore logistics and offshore grouting for the 84 turbine and 2 offshore transformer module foundations.


Every offshore project is unique and brings its own set of challenges.


This was the first time a high strength material was stored and transferred via silo storage on this scale. Time to grout was reduced because the material is designed for use with a Super Recirculating Jet Mixer (SRJM) rather than the conventional pan mixer.