Special Projects

Special Projects

FoundOcean has consulted on and undertaken a number of  custom projects which have called for its grouting expertise.

Although not all have been energy-industry related, FoundOcean still approaches the project in the same way:

  • detailed planning and project management
  • thorough procedural documentation including contingencies
  • skilled and safety-conscious offshore personnel and supervisors
  • meticulous quality assurance testing
  • innovative mixing equipment
  • full post-grouting operation reports


Costa Concordia parbuckling

FoundOcean was awarded the scope of work to design, manufacture, and grout 1,200 fabric formworks to support the ship’s hull during the parbuckling phase of the salvage operation. The grout bags formed an artificial seabed for the vessel to be rolled onto. FoundOcean also carried out foundation grouting on six subsea steel support platforms, which were a critical part of the up-righting of the Costa Concordia from its beached position. In total 20,000 tonnes of cement was used for the project.


Continuous formwork cable protection solutions

FoundOcean completed a project in Korea to protect a 300 MW shallowly-trenched power cable. Farmers grow aquatic crops in the stretch of water, and it was feared that the power cable could become dislodged and damaged by their activities.The trench was capped with a grout-filled mattress to protect both the cable and the farmers.


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