Freespan Correction

Freespan Correction

Freespans over a certain length require an interim support to prevent overstressing the pipeline. Where freespans are unavoidable during installation or have appeared over time, fabric formworks (commonly known as grout bags) are installed at various points along the length of the pipeline to support it.

Fabric formworks are also used to separate pipeline crossings, raise a pipeline or structure by jacking to a desired elevation, stabilise J-tubes and risers in both preventative and curative conditions, and bear the additional weight of grouted pipeline repair clamps.

FoundOcean has been installing grout bags since 1980, from the Gulf of Thailand to the Gulf of Mexico. It has an impressive track record for providing pipeline support solutions under challenging circumstances and at extreme depth. In fact, we hold the record for deploying the deepest fabric formworks at 1,370m.

FoundOcean designs, manufacturers, and install its own range of high quality fabric formwork grout bags. Our formworks are constructed from a flexible woven fabric which is filled with grout in-situ. All formwork designs take account of the technical aspects of installation, and depending upon the environment, can be deployed by diver or ROV.

FoundOcean provides specialist grout mixing equipment together with experienced personnel for the successful installation of the formworks.