Wimpey Laboratories was established in 1966 and later became Wimpey Geotech. The company was the first in the world to develop the process of offshore grouting, a process now commonly used worldwide on a vast number of subsea installations.

In 1993, SeaMark Systems – a successful offshore company in its own right – acquired the offshore division of Wimpey Geotech. Following the sale of its namesake Sea Marker product to focus exclusively on offshore grouting, the company was rebranded as FoundOcean.

Its unmatched grouting experience, refined over the successful completion of thousands of unique offshore operations for the energy industry, has made FoundOcean the world’s largest and most trusted offshore construction grouting company.

Several members of the company’s current management team began their careers in earnest at Wimpey; taking their first steps into the offshore and subsea market in the 1960s.

FoundOcean’s primary area of expertise lies in securing structures to the seabed by foundation grouting, from standalone oil and gas platforms to multiple installations forming an offshore wind farm.

The company has evolved into a reliable and trusted advisor to developers and designers alike that are concerned with foundation grouting systems and the expected logistics and materials required for future tidal, wave and offshore wind projects.

The experts in subsea grouting for offshore energy construction.