Marine Growth Prevention

what-we-do-products-marine-growth-prevention.jpg Marine growth prevention devices fitted on an oil and gas platform in South East Asia
what-we-do-products-marine-growth-prevention-2.jpg A diagram showing a device installed on a steel jacket structure  
what-we-do-products-marine-growth-prevention-3.jpg The marine growth control unit during the installation process

Until now, controlling marine growth has been an expensive and time-consuming process. This revolutionary marine growth control solution offers energy operators one of the most cost-effective platform strengthening mechanisms for existing structures by extending their valuable fatigue life, and a cost-saving solution for the fabrication and installation of new structures. Over 26,000 products have been installed on 400 new and existing offshore structures throughout Asia, Europe & America since 1990.

Marine growth build-up in the splash zone on oil and gas platforms and offshore wind farm foundations has direct consequences: It adds static weight to the foundation, and it increases the diameter and the surface roughness of the members, thereby increasing the dynamic and hydrodynamic loadings associated with wave and tidal actions on the structure.

These factors need to be taken into consideration when designing the jacket to ensure its structural integrity and longevity; costly considerations which can be averted by designing the Marine Growth Prevention product into the overall foundation design from the outset.

The specially designed and patented apparatus is powered by natural ocean forces and their own buoyancy. The continuous sweeping motion contact made by the rubber rollers against the substrate, breaks down the marine colonisation process of microbial slime or micro-fouling, every minute of every day thus permanently preventing the marine growth affixing to the members. This eliminates the need for periodic cleaning thereby substantially reducing cleaning costs. Cleaner members also make for speedier inspections. Technology and nature work effectively together to strengthen and protect offshore installations as well as port and harbour structures such as piers and jetties.

FoundOcean has been appointed as licensed agents by IEV Group  to market their revolutionary Marine Growth Prevention and Control products in European waters.

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