Suction Bucket Grouting


FoundOcean has experience of suction pile grouting, also referred to as suction bucket grouting, in a planned and contingency capacity.

Suction bucket foundations work best in soft or sandy seabeds. The foundation is lowered to the seabed, water is then sucked out of the upturned bucket via a series of outlet valves. If underlying rock prohibits the bucket from sinking deep enough into the substrate, a secure connection cannot be guaranteed. Voids create an uneven load distribution, over stressing the suction bucket base and walls.

By filling these voids with grout, loads can be transferred directly to the soil. Inlet and outlet valves are pre-installed onto the suction bucket during fabrication in case of such instances.

FoundOcean mixes and pumps an ultra low strength grout, which simulates the soil strength of the seabed.

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