Offshore Wind Continues to Blow FoundOcean in the Right Direction

13 December 2018

European Offshore Wind Farm

Marlow, UK

For the third successive year, offshore wind has kept FoundOcean moving in a positive direction.

Ever since the Scottish-based company was founded back in 1966, it has maintained a strong global presence in offshore oil and gas, and although the recent downturn did impact on the business, the effects of the downturn were largely mitigated through a number of timely business expansions into their international regions.

However, even these strategic steps were significantly surpassed by the company’s activities in offshore wind. Since 2015, the company has mobilised to nearly 20 offshore wind projects.

As for many offshore service companies, offshore wind has buffered the company from the full effects of the oil & gas downturn. As Jim Bell, the CEO of FoundOcean, points out, things are looking much more positive now, “With European wind projects forging ahead with renewed confidence, and with a rapidly developing South East Asian market, we are now having to rethink our business, particularly as we are also aware of a noticeable pick up in other sectors.” He continued, “We’re very excited about these emerging opportunities, and planning for growth is a much more welcome activity than the opposite.”

The company’s flexibility and can-do attitude is one of its key strengths, and along with its large fleet of equipment, allows the company to readily adapt to their clients’ requirements. “It’s very deflating, for everyone involved, when we’re unable to accept work, because of resource availability in a region.” explains Bell, “…so, in order that we mitigate against this happening, we are continually managing our fleet to best utilise our assets, as well looking to the future with new and innovative mixer designs and material storage solutions.”

New methods of delivering their service, as well as providing the latest developments in grout materials, are undoubtedly extremely important to a company like FoundOcean., Although it has been a leader in its field for many decades, it has never been complacent when fulfilling its self-imposed obligations of providing the latest materials and equipment to its clients. Whether it’s the introduction of the game-changing Super Pan Mixer, for increased output of ultra-high strength grouts, or to the introduction of the bulk supplied construction grouts, for use in jacket seabed connections, FoundOcean has, and always intends to be, the leading light with regard to innovation and provision of offshore grouting services.


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About FoundOcean

FoundOcean boasts over 50 years’ experience of providing green and brown field services for the offshore energy construction industry. It specialises in securing the foundations of offshore oil & gas platforms and wind turbines, as well as life extension solutions and rehabilitation services for offshore assets around the world.

It is a progressive company that builds strategic alliances to promote innovation that sets the standard for service delivery and product offering. Its experience, professionalism and energy are complimented by an absolute commitment to quality and safety.

FoundOcean is an FG Offshore Group company which, along with Cape Holland, provides specialist grouting and piling equipment around the globe for rapid deployment in Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

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