Recirculating Jet Mixer

FoundOcean has developed a wide range of grout mixing equipment to support the different types of offshore operations it undertakes.

The Recirculating Jet Mixer (RJM) is used for projects requiring large volumes of grout with a specific gravity (SG) of less than 2.04. This will be for projects that use ordinary Portland cement (OPC) grout which is mixed to a typical SG of 1.98.

The RJM is fed by bulk cement silos which can each hold up to 100 tonnes of cement, enabling the delivery system to reach output rates of 30m3 per hour.

All of the equipment is mounted in an offshore lifting frame and is fitted with a certified sling set. This type of mixing spread was used for the Ormonde and Thornton Bank offshore wind farms as they required large volumes of standard strength ordinary Portland cement (OPC) to be pumped into the annuli between the jacket piles and legs.

At a Glance

  • Grout type High, standard, and ultra low strength
  • Grout output up to 30m³/hr
  • Density up to 2.04 S.G. (dependent on material used)
  • Water Fire hydrant supply

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