10V and 12V

FoundOcean has developed a wide range of grout mixing equipment to support the different types of offshore operations it undertakes.

The 10v and 12v batch grout mixers consist of a colloidal mixer, an agitation tank and a progressive cavity grout pump. Grout density is controlled by mixing fixed volumes of seawater and cement measured using a water meter and a timer controlled rotary feeder. A cement surge tank is mounted on top of the mixer. It holds up to 1,800 kg and feeds a set volume of cement using a timer equipped rotary feeder.

All of the equipment is mounted in an offshore lifting frame with a full sling set, all certified to DNV 2.7-1.

At a Glance

  • Grout type Standard strength
  • Grout output up to 12m³/hr
  • Density up to 1.98 S.G.
  • Water Fire hydrant supply

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