Standard Strength Grout

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Oilwell G cement mixed with seawater are the original industry standard grout commonly used for main leg grouting of shallow water platforms, where high strengths are not specified.

It can be injected using conventional displacement or pressure grouting techniques. It is also used for filling fabric formwork grout bag supports.

Through controlled and efficient mixing systems, OPC is used for projects that specify strengths between 40 and 70MPa.

Typically a Recirculating Jet Mixer (RJM) or 10/12V mixer is used for standard strength grouts which gives a mixing rate of up to 30m³/hr.

For projects that require 71 MPa or higher, FoundOcean recommends using High Strength Grout to ensure your project requirements are met.

At a Glance

  • 40 - 70 MPa
  • Mixing rates ~ 30m³/hr
  • Cement is stored in silos
  • Mixed using FoundOcean's unique Recirculating Jet Mixer

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