High Strength Grout

High strength grout, such as BASF MasterFlow 9800, is generally used in platform pile sleeve connections where the design requires short sleeves with large in-service loads. It can be designed to have characteristic strengths from 80 to 100 MPa. High strength grout can also be used for non-structural purposes, such as strengthening boat landings for monopile transition pieces, and life extension solutions.

Typically a pan mixer or super pan mixer is used to mix high strength material which gives a mixing rate of up to 8m3 per hour, however following successful onshore trials FoundOcean has demonstrated that it can use its 25m3 per hour-output Recirculating Jet Mixer (RJM). This nearly quadruples current high strength grout output rates, contributing to a significant reduction in the time it takes to grout a monopile.

For projects that require 101 MPa or higher, FoundOcean recommends using Ultra High Strength Grout to ensure your project requirements are met.

At a Glance

  • 80 - 100 MPa
  • Mixing rates ~ 25m³/hr
  • Grout is stored in silos
  • Mixed using FoundOcean's unique Recirculating Jet Mixer

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