Offshore Service Base

FoundOcean was born out of the Wimpey Laboratories site at Livingston in 1966. The company opened a head office in South-East England in 1993, and the Livingston site became the dedicated UK Offshore Service Base.

FoundOcean experienced considerable growth since 2010, due to its entry into the renewable energy market and expansion into emerging oil and gas regions. The Offshore Service Base was expanded to accommodate the additional grouting equipment and personnel required to manage multiple projects simultaneously. The Offshore Service Base is now home to more than 100 employees.

The expanded facility also gives FoundOcean the capability to conduct to-scale onshore trials for offshore projects involving new materials, new procedures, and new mixing equipment.

Apprenticeship Opportunities
The Offshore Service Base is also home to our apprenticeship scheme, which includes opportunities in welding, fitting and electrical work.

To find out more about the apprenticeship scheme please visit our careers page.