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About CAPE Holland

Dutch vibro-piling specialist CAPE Holland offers complete piling solutions rather than just equipment for the on- and offshore piling industry worldwide

It develops, manufactures, sells and rents a range of vibro-hammers, power units and auxiliary products. This is always done in close cooperation with the customer. 

The Company Management Team was appointed from personnel experienced and active in the areas of construction, foundation and piling equipment for many years. Through the great skills and a large network, CAPE Holland has a quality reputation world-wide. The combination of good management and quality products enabled the Company to prosper.

The CAPE Vibro System™ is the next evolution in vibro technology, combining fast installation with Lloyds certified lifting and handling which results in highly efficient and safe installation conditions.


Description of the CAPE Vibro 

At the base of the system is the latest and largest single vibro gearbox in the world with a total eccentric moment of 320kgm. By adding more of these together, Mega Vibro’s can be configured with up to 1280kgm for the largest standard configuration. But even larger is possible on project specific basis. 

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Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT)

Installation with the Vibro Lifting Tool

The CAPE Vibro System™ is able to pick up a stored pile (up to 1600t), upend it to a vertical position, lift it to the correct position and drive it down (correcting verticality while driving if necessary) in one single handling operation without the need of a gripper or seabed installation frame.

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CAPE Holland History

CAPE Holland was founded in 2002 by a father and son team set on extending the family links within the piling sector, which began in the 19th century. Altough the company started as an international piling equipment trading company, they soon started engineering and constructing special equipment for the piling industry.

With a large fleet of hydraulic  impact and vibro hammers for sale and rent, CAPE Holland deepened their involvement in the offshore market. Our breaktrough succes offshore was the development of a multiple linked vibro-hammer for the Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm project in 2012, driving 30 monopiles of 750 tonnes, fast and silently into the German North Sea floor.

Since 2014, CAPE Holland has become part of the FoundOcean Group of companies, a privately held UK-headquartered company with offices in Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, India and the Middle East for rapid deployment of specialist grouting and piling equipment. The group comprises FoundOcean Ltd and CAPE Holland.